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* Program Results *

This program has made a huge change in the way I feel, physically and mentally. I feel stronger, calmer, more content, serene, refreshed, energetic & peaceful all at the same time.

Here's what this program could do for you:
* Increase mental sharpness so you think more clearly.
* Feel less sluggish or wooden.
* Regain a feeling of health and well-being.
* Feel emotions you haven't felt for years.
* Recover your enthusiasm for life!

- CH, Program Completion -

* * * * * * * * 

When I started the Detox Program I had a feeling of drowning in stress, anger, 
impatient feelings, confusion.  I had very minor bouts of depression and even 
though I always pulled myself out, the times of those feelings seemed to get 
closer and closer.  I had a hard time with decision makings, it was hard to 
focus and concentrate.  
Since then, through the program, I feel more calm, less angry, even though I 
have some unresolved issues.  My stress level has really gone down.  
I still think about my unresolved issues, but I can see solutions 
more clearly and realize that the only way to get through is to face them 
head on instead of them dragging me down to a depressed state.  
- SS, Program Completion - 
* * * * * * * *
My headaches and migraines are gone.

I have a lot more energy.
I can think more clearly.
The depression is gone.
The insomnia is gone.
My allergies are gone.
- JL, Program Completion -
* * * * * * * 

This has been one of the most, if not “the most” intense time 
frame I’ve ever experienced.  It has been very difficult at times, 
but I consider it to be well worth the discomfort!  
I feel so much more energetic and alive after the completion of
this program.
Joe & Clair have been amazing people to spend time with, and 
I highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone who 
is able to do it.
It’s incredible how much more clarity and focus I have gained 
going through the sauna.  I feel as if I actually have a better 
chance of maintaining a life without the abuse of drugs from 
this point forward.
 - JH, Program Completion -
* * * * * * *


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The Institute for Detoxification and Health is located in The Woodlands, Texas, about 25 miles north of downtown Houston off of Interstate 45. 

The area features a shopping mall, seven golf courses, many hotels & motels as well as many scenic opportunities including The Woodlands Waterway and trails throughout the wooded areas.

  See OUR PROGRAM above for more specific information.


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What Causes Toxic Overload?

Detox Knowledge Base

Q. What is the number 1 cause of mental retardation in he United States?

A. Fetal Alcohol Syndrom. 
Source: Substance Abuse, by Gary Fisher andThomas C. Harrison

This means that pregnant mothers should not drink alcohol.  It also means at times a woman might not know she is pregnant yet is drinking.  This form of mental retardation is COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE.

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